Code of honour

Each WSU student is honor bound to refrain from stealing, lying about WSU, and cheating on academic work. Stealing is the intentional taking of any property without right or permission. Lying is intentional misrepresentation of any form. Cheating is any practice, method, or assistance, whether explicitly forbidden or unmentioned, that involves any degree of dishonesty, fraud, or deceit. Cheating includes plagiarism, which is representing another's ideas or words as one's own.

Additional guidelines for each class may be determined by its instructor/professor; each WSU student is responsible for knowing and adhering to them. Each student is responsible for learning and observing appropriate documentation of another's work. Each WSU student is honor bound to report immediately all violations of the Honor Code of which the student has first-hand knowledge; failure to do so is itself a violation of the Honor Code. All students, faculty, and other employees of WSU are responsible for familiarity with and support of the Honor Code.

Any student, faculty member, administrative officer, employee, or guest of WSU may charge a student with a violation of the Honor Code. Charges are presented to the Supervisor and at the Supervisor's discretion must be signed. If the Dean determines that further proceedings are warranted, he or she will prepare a formal charge. Hearings, administrative conferences and other proceedings regarding alleged violations of the Honor Code shall be conducted pursuant to the Code of Disciplinary Procedures.

Honor Pledge of WSU

"I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this assignment/examination. I have followed and will continue to observe all regulations regarding it, and I am unaware of any violation of the Honor Code by others."